Our Strategy

A Significant Growth Opportunity in Middle Market Direct Lending

HPCI engages in direct lending to middle market companies, offering flexible capital solutions to meet the unique needs of each situation while providing a value-added partnership to the companies in which
we invest.

Our investment strategy focuses on middle-market companies because it is an underserved market.

We believe a large portion of private equity capital is committed but uncalled, and still available for investment in the United States. Subject to market conditions, we expect the large amount of unfunded buyout commitments will drive demand for leveraged buyouts. This should in turn, create leveraged lending opportunities over the next several years.

Custom Investments & Attention to Detail

We provide creative financing structures to our portfolio companies. The middle market companies we target and the sponsor groups we pursue allow us to provide a high level of service, creativity and knowledge.

Well-Resourced and Experienced

Through our Adviser, HPCI has access to the deal flow of OFS Capital Management’s 20+ year history in the loan market, along with extensive relationships with potential borrowers and lenders that put us in a strong leading marketing position.

We also have access to the resources and expertise of our Adviser’s investment professionals, who have extensive experience in underwriting and structuring middle market loans.

Our scalable management platform and infrastructure can meet the demands of our business growth.

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